Seperate but Equal: Luxury Condo in Manhattan will have a Poor Door for low-income tenants

“But segregating poorer residents into their own sections of mixed-income buildings and creating two entrances so that wealthier tenants never have to interact with them is not conducive to economic integration. Instead, it reinforces a two-tier model of housing, where the rich can pay a premium to remain isolated in their waterfront apartments and developers can profit from their extra square footage while feigning a social consciousness….

Bill de Blasio made access to affordable housing a cornerstone of his administration, releasing a housing plan in May that promises to create 200,000 new units over the next 10 years. But the Inclusionary Zoning model doesn’t even brush the surface of New York City’s housing problem, as the city lost 400,000 units of affordable housing between 2000 and 2012 alone. If the mayor wants to address the housing crisis and begin to combat New York’s rampant income inequality, he should start by forbidding developers from integrating discriminatory policies right into the design of their buildings.  “


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