Hector Mejias Lawsuit – Two cops and mayor’s son beat man nearly to death…


       Two drunken Jersey City police detectives and the mayor’s son beat a man so badly he suffers from seizures, developed a brain tumor and lost his job, the man claims in court.

     Hector Mejias sued the Jersey City, Healy’s Tavern, Jeremiah Healy Jr., the Jersey City Police Department, several police officers and Dets. Chris Heger and Mark D’Ambrosio, in Hudson County Superior Court….

     Mejias claims he was driving past Healy’s Tavern on Sep. 29, 2012 when he saw three men beating a man in the middle of the street. He says in the lawsuit that all three men “appeared to be highly intoxicated.”

     Defendant Healy, the mayor’s son, owns and operates Healy’s Tavern, Mejias says in the July 16 complaint….

     Mejias says police arrived soon and arrested him on a charge of aggravated assault, though the men who beat him and the other man were not arrested or charged.


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