LATimes: Report on fatal shooting of unarmed black man is sharply critical of Pasadena police

An independent consultant’s report on the 2012 fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by Pasadena police officers sharply faulted the department’s investigation of the controversial killing, as well as the officers’ tactics.

The redacted document was released Tuesday after a yearlong legal battle during which the police officers union fought to keep its contents private.

Kendrec McDade, 19, was shot seven times after a 911 caller falsely reported that the Azusa High graduate was carrying a gun when he and a friend stole a laptop. The caller eventually pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a criminal offense, and the district attorney’s office cleared Officers Jeff Newlen and Matthew Griffin of wrongdoing in the shooting.

But according to the Office of Independent Review Group, Pasadena police failed during their investigation to determine whether witnesses could corroborate or refute the officers’ claims that McDade had been clutching at his waistband as he fled from their squad car.

The consulting group also faulted the department for not conducting a separate internal affairs investigation into the tactics used by the officers, for waiting 36 hours before interviewing them and for providing the pair with video recordings of the aftermath of the shooting before their interviews — an action that “is likely to distort pure recall either consciously or subconsciously,” the report said.

Read more at the LA Times


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