Cory Morris is admitted to practice in New York State, the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of New York. He is also admitted to the Florida State Bar. Mr. Morris is an advocate for equality, civil rights and social justice within the legal community. In recognition of this, Mr. Morris is the recipient of an Equality Award at the Suffolk County New York Civil Liberties Union 50th Anniversary Gala and the New York State Bar Empire Justice Award for Pro Bono work. He is focused on helping people charged with a crime, regardless of the allegations, and helping people vindicate their rights to be free from unreasonable government intrusion and excessive force. As a former associate at the Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington, Mr. Morris was intimately involved in cases at various levels of litigation, from the filing of the complaint up and to the second-seating of several trials. Mr. Morris currently maintains a private practice located in Suffolk County, Long Island: The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris

Mr. Morris is familiar with the issues surrounding Long Island. He attended college on Long Island, starting at Nassau Community College, obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Adelphi University in 2008 and his Master’s Degree from Adelphi’s Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies in 2010. During his graduate degree, his concentration was on forensic psychology, substance abuse, and impulsive disorders. He obtained an assistantship with Dr. Larry Josephs, was published in the Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories and contributed to Adelphi’s scholarship, working with a doctoral student and post-doctoral professor in developing his thesis titled “Impulsivity in the form of Suicidality in Borderline Personality Disorder.”

Mr. Morris graduated Touro College at the top of his class, was a Dean’s List recipient and received both the David A. Berg Public Interest Fellowship and the Howard Glickstein Public Interest Fellowship. He served as President of the American Civil Liberties Union student group, vice president of the criminal justice society at Touro College and was a member of Touro’s International Law Review. He also participated in the Center for Restorative Practices, the Unemployment Action Center, and other student groups and public interest organizations. During his tenure at Touro College, he volunteered with both the Mississippi Center for Justice and with Malik Rahim’s Common Ground organization in Louisiana. He successfully helped nearly a dozen unemployment claimants at administrative hearings, receiving an award for outstanding advocate, helped high school students facing school suspension hearings, and worked as a live chat operator to help low-income New Yorkers obtain free legal services and representation from pro bono attorneys. He is also the recipient of the Brian Lord Memorial Award for his demonstrated commitment to public interest.

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